Hemostats, Mat Rakes, Stripping Knives, Tooth Scalers, and Water Bottle Feeders

Pet Grooming Supplies

Using the proper dog grooming supplies is key to the professional look you will need for your dog grooming salon or in the show. We carry the finest lines Combs and Nail Clippers, from trusted names like Oster and Andis. We also carry a complete line of water bottle feeders.


Curved, Straight, Steel or Plastic-Coated Handles$ 8.00

Mat Rake

9-Blade Mat Rake$ 16.00
13-Blade Mat Rake$ 18.00

Stripping Knives

M353 Black Teflon Coarse$ 17.00
M355 Purple Coarse$ 17.00
Small Fine & Small Coarse$ 17.00
Small Wide Coarse$ 20.00
Large Coarse$ 20.00
Green Comfort Handle Coarse$ 20.00

Tooth Scalers

Various styles$ 9.75

Water Bottle Feeders

Single Sided $12.00
Double Sided $14.00
Baby Feeder w/ Bottle $12.00