Sharpening, Repair, and Replacement Services

sals blade sharpening services

We are a professional full service blade sharpening company with  over 25 years experience.

We specialize in the sharpening, care, and maintenance of Andis, Oster, and other A-5 style clipper blades, as well as large animal clipper blades. When you visit us, your blades will be sharpened on professional factory equipment. Every blade is washed, buffed, and tested before being returned to you. This provides the sharpest edge one can possibly get.

Sharpening Prices

Clipper Blades$ 8.00
Wide Clipper Blades$ 9.00
Horse Blades$ 9.00
Ceramic Blades$ 9.00
ScissorsStarting at $ 12.00 Plus Parts
Chunky Thinners
$ 25.00 and up
$ 26.00 and up
High-End Convex Scissors$ 22.00 and Up
Knife Sharpening$ 5.00 and Up
Axes$ 7.00
Mower Blade$ 10.00 Per Blade

Clipper and Blow Dryer Repair

Andis, AG, AGC & Oster A5$ 20.00 Plus Parts
Stewart Horse Clipper$ 30.00 Plus Parts
Most Dryer Repair$ 30.00 Plus Parts

Replacement Parts

Drive Assembly$  10.00
Brushes$  7.00
Sockets$  5.00
Hinge Assembly (Andis & Oster)$ 14.00
Cords (1 & 2 Speed)$ 14.00
Levers for Oster A5$  9.00
Housings for Andis (front and back)$  6.00
Housing for Oster A5$ 20.00
Single-Speed Switches$  14.00
Two-Speed Switches$  15.00